Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hey! Wassup monkeys! Forgot me? Well, I am Monku20! I am here to inform you all that I found a cool, fantastic and action game called Tanki Online. My name is Purpleblood in the game. This game has very cool graphics and its like driving a tank in real world! Join me here



Thursday, January 2, 2014

Minimonos Petition

Hello Guys, you may know but Davidp81 and Tommypp have started a petition to put Minimonos on iOS


Hi everyone!
I’m back! :)
Me and Davidp81 from MiniMonos have decided to start a petition to bring back MiniMonos, but this time on iOS devices!
Here’s why:
To many, MiniMonos was a place where you could go to make friends, learn about the environment and have fun at the same time! In May 2013, MiniMonos announced that due to the shift in technology, more children are playing games on iOS devices and unfortunately MiniMonos (an online virtual world on the computer) had to close down!  We started this petition because very recently, competing virtual world, Club Penguin opened the game on iOS devices! We hope that if this petition goes well, MiniMonow can re-open on iOS devices, and maybe even one day on the computer again! We know it’s very unlikely that this petition will be successful, we just hope that it makes an impact!
We are trying to get 50 signatures! Please help us if you really miss MiniMonos and want it back just at much as we do!
-Tommypp and Davidp81
Please Help them!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wassup Guys!

Wassup Guys! 
Hope you've been enjoying your summer (: (Not too much time in internet :o)

I've been traveling from each and most of the best of the best virtual world.
As of for now, I'm playing JacksJourney, I'm currently being in the Youtube Community,  and soon be playing an amazing virtual world; Lollo, made by Davidp81.

As i was looking back. Were still getting veiws somehow. Not much however, I'd like to say if your reading this. Please have a fun summer, Most minimonos players will be playing Lollo. I myself wasn't going to but, I gave it a shot. Hope to see you there!


Friday, May 17, 2013

Joel's Last words from MiniMonos Blast

I say my last words on this MiniMonos blog..........
I thank all the Monkeys how have Help me!
Soon it is my B-Day! 
Club Penguin User Name JoelCPEnguin
Club Penguin Party is on the 28 of May 11:30 Pm Club Penguin Standard Time and 
4:00 Am Australian Time.
Sever: Big Foot
Room: Snow Forts 
My CP blog

Monday, May 13, 2013

Last words from Monku20

Hey monkeys! It is a very great sadness that MiniMonos is now closed so here are my last words for you. I had a great fun joining MiniMonos. I played MiniMonos for 331 days which is a very long period of time. And moreover I would like to thank my friends who helped me a lot when i was new and my new friends also helped me. Here are my friends:

  • Rabage: He became my friend when i was just new on MM and helped me a lot! Thanx my friend.
  • Electro: I met him because of rabage as he was his friend and that day he became my best friend and we enjoyed a lot meeting and hanging out on MM.
  • Superfunmonkey: I enjoyed a lot by playing Adoptation Centre as i became a monkey and someone could adopt me :P
  • Strenksperes7: He also helped me a lot and he also opened an Adoptation Centre.
  • Ediesonz3: I met him on Castle Beach and he requested me to see his blog which was not much popular at that time and then i joined that blog and eddy helped me a lot on MM.
  • Spyhopper: He was a good spy :P but also a good friend as i met him on first day he was not a member of MM Blast but then it joined this blog and i was proud that i was already his friend :P
  • ColaX: I was always willing to eet this monkey as i saw that he was the second monkey who joined this blog and finally met him and afterwards he helped me a lot and always gives a good idea for this blog.
  • Tinalouise: She was a great friend and i enjoyed a lot playing with her on MM and she was very helpful and also she taught me all the glitches on MM!
  • Lillybubb: She was a great friend and helped me a lot and there was a secret also which i would like to share wth you all that she gave me a 3 day membership for free as i never became a member and coudnt be one. I am proud of this friend.
  • Creeper405: He was a great friend and enjoyed a lot with him. He was very funny i must say :P
  • Joel and his two brothers Furnace and Peter: These brothers were awesome and i want to give them a name which would be 3MB ( three man band). :P
  • Love7891: I met this monkey on a PUP of BT and i offered him to be the author of MM travel                   ( another blog of mine) And he was very helpful in that blog.
  • Matchattaxharry: When i first met him i thought that why he kept his name like that and then i realized that he likes match attax cards collection so i finally asked him about those cards :P
  • Yeknom10 and his brother Chewer24: They were very good friends of mine and i later on got to know that they were brothers and i must say them also that they are very funny :P
  • Monkeytastic26 (asdf17): She was my greay friend and always gave me a good idea to be posted on my blog minimonos travel and also there is a secret that she shared her password with me but then she banned and then i was just trying some passwords on her second monkey which is monkeytastic26 and i broke her pass but i honestly told her about that :P
  • Davidp81: He was my great friend and also shared with me that he joined MM only because of Skoodle and he was having a cloud on his tree which is only seen by him and he got a top cap and many other things by just clicking on that cloud.
  • Tommypp: I always wanted to meet him and i finally met him and he was a great friend and i had a photo session with him at last day :P
  • Lokiterry: He was my good friend but we hanged out very little.
  • Technobanana: This monkey was also my great friend but he also came very little on 
    MM and i was not able to meet him very much.
  • c8c8c8c8: He was my best friend and was having a funny name on minimonos as you can see his name and also we called him c8. :P
If I forgot any of my friend or you want me to describe you please contact to my email which is Sorry if i forgot you but there were 1000 friends and obviously i cant remember so many names.
Special Thanx to EcoMom and i would like to share a thing that she was the first ambassador i ever met when i was i think 20 or 30 days old and also i cant forget that she gave me 10 shells that day. I was so new that i not even know that there is a personal blog of MM which is go bananas blog and i never got to know till i was 100 days old that ecomom left MM. I was very sad hearing that and i would like to thank the ambassadors whom i met which are Bananatastic, Viper, Kaputchin and Alphamonkey. I met only these ambassadors and also I met Littlestone but when she was 0 days old and she was not an ambassador. And also thanx to other ambasasdors also for making this game a very popular and enjoyable and never forgiving game.

You all will be thinking that we will not be able to meet again but its not true. I play a lots of virtual games. Here they are:

Club Penguin: Pinguboy21
Ekoloko: Rajveer
Goodgame Empire: Purpleblood ( this game is not a virtual world but is a stratigic game and we can chat with others with this game)
Tinkatolli: Monku20
Lollo: Chunk ( it is not available yet but will be in june or july and also this game is made by davidp81 and tommypp)
Moshi Monsters: Purplefur20

Thanx and i think that minimonos will be back soon.

~Monku20 (14th june 2012 - 12th May 2013)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calling all Viewers.

Heyo Guys!!

Its Ediesonz3, In his final post for now.
I am going to answer your questions. So please don't ask anymore :P

  1. Will MiniMonos Blast close?
  • Nope, We will keep it as a gift from MiniMonos and to remember fun times we had ;D
     2. How can we keep in contact; by contact I mean only Ediesonz3.
  • I play tons of Virtual Worlds out there. I've been playing since 2009? I play
  • MoshiMonster- Ediesonz
  • (French) Mathi123
  • (USA) DonnieC
  • (United Kingdom) Personal ;P
  • (Assuie) Personal ;P
  • Jacks Journey- Ediesonz (Play with us! You will have a chance to be a writter in my new blog.)
  • Club Penguin- Ediesonz, Weirdo, Ediesonz3 (I forgot all password and I think its boring :P SORRY to all Penguins)
  • Turtle World- (Ediesonz)
  • Twitter- @Ediesonz3mm @Mr_Edweirdo
I am not weird. I just have fun. And in that 5 years I made over 30,000 friends  all over the world o.O... (10,000 haters for my weirdoness buut they are so specail to me,!) so that = to 40,000 O_______O

     3. How about Socail Media? Including Blog, Twitter, Youtube, and Keek will they be gone?

  • Nope. Blog will be keepen. Twitter will be change to JacksJourney, my Youtube will be also JacksJOurney and keek will just stay personal to me.
     OMG It 1:00 am and I cant sleeep :P SOrry for bad grammer.

Final Message 

Woah, 6 Months has past from MiniMonos from Dec. 4 till today. I have meet so many new friends that are hard to explain how thankful I am meeting you all. I was truly devastated once I found out MM will be gone and I thought you'll be gone too! I just like to say thank you to all support. Dynamo, ALvinChimpunk, Tj, Jj, CUp, Techobanana, CHimp, tommypp, Tipski (Mah Good Old Papa Tippy), Bubble, Jassy (Mah Granny Jammy), You were the first monkeys I met on the island; Without you I would quited cause I was lost. Not to mention maaaah Chubby Bunny >DAVIDP81< FOr being the bessssssst Monkey friend. Thanks for everything! From giftss to memberships to laughter to spamming your parties witch made it funny for me cause you were angry. Also who could forget mah Honne Bunny >SPYHOPPER< Thanks for helping me every single day; I highly doubt your reading this but please go to MM and lets spend our last final monkey days together. Big shout out for Tommypp! He has been the best monkey #BFF in MM. I cant thank you so much. Mr. Kap. An amazing Ambassador. You were my first Ambassador and your I atttended my first PUP with you and still have the "Go Halloween" ;D Also Manx, Thank you for helping me throught this amazing Virtual WOrld. Helping me out of trouble and keeping me safe! Orrby. You have inspired me to keep drawing and to monkey around :D. Alpha Thanks for the amazing gift. I got the chance to play MiniMOnos 2x.

Thank you all to blast members. You have outdone yourself!
ColaX, Thanks for helping me out with this blog alot, Sorry for not helping you around Busy with School. You have been the best admin in my words.
Monku, Thanks for being there to help back up our blog and the greatest co-host and an awesome ADMIN
Spyhopper, Thanks for being an amazing editor helping me with alot of my grammer
Dynamo, Thanks for trying to become one amazing writter.
Chewer, Thanks so verrrry much for helping us. You made our Sunday's a funday
Yeknom, Thanks so much for everything. Even tho Your pics wasnt finished it made LOL so loud I cause and earthquake and peed on my pants (Not really)
MonkeyTastic- Thanks for helping out with the parties ever though your parents caught you
Joel- Our newst writter, Thank you for helping us little by little. ;D

Wow, and especially to all viewers out there; Big thank you for the 17,000+ VIEWS 

I must say sorry for this news/post is boring and the fact I have spelling errors and bad grammer. My brain and fingers is exhausted I must sleep 1:35am now. Good Night, Good Morning, Good Afternoon.

Final Farewell. Bye Monkeys,
Monkeying Around,

Friday, May 3, 2013




"BREAKING NEW! I was talking to Viper and i asked what will happen to our accounts, and she said this!

 Viper's Message: everything will be gone :c 

How sad it that? Are accounts are going down the drain so make it rain! Get it? Original phrase is: so Make it rain! 
Jessie on Disney Channel :)
Ok, less of that! Ok! So comment what YOU think! "

This is so bad news :(

So if Minimonos ever does come back, our accounts will of GONE!



P.s. Comment your thoughts :(