MMB Interviews

Hey Monkeys!

Here is our first Minimonos Blast interview! Woop woop!

Here's how it went!

Me: Hey Yeknom!

Yeknom: Heya! xD

Me: Let's start!

Me: Do you have a BEST friend on Minimonos?

Yeknom: I have lots xD

Me: Where is your favourite place to hang out?

Yeknom: Normally it's Awanga Cave (Inside) xD

Me: Which staff member do you like best?

Yeknom: Alpha and Kap

Me: Not Bananatastic?

Yeknom: Nah xD

Me: What's your best x power?

Yeknom: Go bones!

Me: How did you find out about Minimonos?

Yeknom: TV Advert actually!!!!

Me: That is our interview FINISHED!

Yeknom: Okie Byeeee :)

Me: Enjoy it?

Yeknom: Totally

Me: Good!

Yeknom: xD

Me: Ok see ya!

Yeknom: Byeee :)

That is our interview finished  Woot! Like it? Remember how to be in a chance of being interviewed.... 
Wanna Be Interviewed? Simply comment or message me,  Chewer24,  on MiniMonos or MMB!
This is also a chance to appear on our blog! Woot woot!  But remember ... not all of you will be interviewed!
So what are you waiting for? Message me now!

P.S If you win MOTM, you will definitely be interviewed! 

P.P.S This interview with Yeknom10 took place at the Times Square :D



  1. So if you want a interview apply on MOTM!

  2. CAN YOU INTERVIEW ME BEFORE THE END OF MINIMONOS? I am NikiPIki on minimonos am on everyday so catch me please~!!

  3. hi sarah7512 here i... i miss every one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'( i miss you guys i want to carry on minimonos hint:dont get that happy you cry on lollo ya know how it feels now it fells i still cry :'(

  4. Epic interview! XD (Trendzstar)