Thursday, February 28, 2013

MOTM 1/3/13

This Months MOTM (Monkey of The Month) is MatchAttaxHarry I picked him because of his entry if you want to enter to be MOTM for April Click Here!

DoneWell Match!


P.S.I posted this one day Early :P

New MiniMonos Blast Banner!

Yes we have a New MiniMonos Blast Banner! 

It has been updated and will be put on the blog soon,here's a sneak peek :

Comment if you like it!


Hey Monkeys...

Hey Monkeys I might not be blogging on MiniMonos Blast for a couple of days your probably wondering why,well I am Making a ClubPenguin blog called ClubPenguin Frenzy (or Cp Frenzy!)

 Here is the link just click on the Cp Frenzy Banner Below :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

2 days left!

Heya Monkeys!

I am just giving you a reminder for my mini Competition How old is YOUR monkey? that will be ending on the 1st of March and enter it and you'll get a gifty wifty lifty AKA: Gift LOL! 
By the way here is the link for the How old is your monkey because it was made quite a time ago about the 9th of February! btw with the link copy and paste it on a different tab unless of course you dont need a open tab! 
 Peace out! xD


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wacky Wednesday!

Its on Wednesday, Feb 27, 2013
Its gonna be All over the MiniMonos Island! 
 Mix n' match your clothes, pick a funny hair style, make a funny face, and be wacky today! It is highly recommended that ALL MaxiMonkeys participate in this day AND encourage all of their buddies to participate too.

Anyway here is my look for Tomorrow!

Happy Wacky Wednesday!

First video of Minimonos Blast by Monku20!

Click here to see the video!

Monku20 =-D

Monday, February 25, 2013

Marco's Mug Shot Monday 25/2/13

Marco's mug-shot Monday: Memories we'll never forget!

We made so many memories with our buddies on MiniMonos last week. Check out these pictures:
BOO! Did the ghost monkeys at Awanga Cave scare you?
MaxiMonkey applications are open for the March MaxiMonkey team! Did you apply?
Crystal Cave is one of our favorite rooms to party in, but watch out for the PIE MONSTER!
Check out ColaX's beautiful Plum Blossom plants from Traderz!
Thanks for a great week, monkeys! We can't wait to see what outfits you guys create for Wacky Wednesday!


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Help the Monkey find the Red Envelope!

Can you find the red envelope?

Can you help the monkey find the red envelope?
Leave a comment and let us know how long it took you to complete this maze!

It took me 25 Seconds :P

Tiger Reunion!

Lol its a Tiger Family Reunion (I did have a pic of 5Tigers but I accidently deleted it SillyMe!)


P.S.Monkeys might start to call me Clumsy Cola Lolol!

Question Week!

Ok for the next week or so I will be answering your questions about our blog so if you have any comment them and we will feature the best questions I'm only do this for our new Page which is Help Page click here to get to it :)


Monku20 will be back!

Hi monkeys! I am going to be back I got the message from minimonos moderation team that if I take the responsibility of my behaviour and promise that I will not do it again, they will unban me, so I have sent them the message that I promise and takes the responsibility of my behaviour. So I hope that I will be back soon. And Cola this message is to you that you can organise the secret party on 8th March or onwards as my exams are going to be start from 25th February to 8th March.

Monku20 :-D

MOTM Reminder!

Hey Monkeys just a reminder to say the MOTM has been chosen and will be featured on the blog on the 1rst of March !


Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Pirate

Hey Guys,Sorry for not posting much post that other days...But hey I put a pic of me! PIRATES ARRRR ME HARDY'ES ERR!!!! anyways this a pic of a pirate always want to be in team pirates...anyways post a comment if I look like a pirate or not Well cya's around in Minimonos!


Blast the Monkey!

MiniMonos Blast!Hey Monkeys I have got a mascot For our Blog He's called Blast the Monkey and you can play with him on the Top Left Sidebar :)

Have Fun,


New Comp!

Hey Monkeys!

 Their is a new contest all you have to do is find the MiniMonos Blast Banner 5 Times Hidden on our blog when you have found it message me on MiniMonos (ColaX) telling me where you found it!

MiniMonos Blast!
This is what your looking for!

If you follow the instructions above you will get (Win) a gift!

Contest ends on the 15th March get your detective hat on Now!



P.S.You Cant say you found it on this post OR the sidebar which says put this on your Blog!

Hey Monkeys...

Hi Monkeys Cola Here just saying that please don't spread rumors about Edie (Ediesonz3) leaving MiniMonos until he has confirmed it himself thanks!


Where am I?

Heya Monkeys! 
How are you all? 
I've got a little mini quiz here!

All you have to do is find me! 

Clue: Message me if you want one!
Also, if you know where I am message me (don't say in comments or other people will get the answer) on Minimonos!
I will choose a random winner (Only if they get the right answer of course!) and they will get 30 go year of the snake or if they want, Go lanterns and Go Coins!
This mini competition ends on the 1st March, so get looking, if you want that prize!

P.S Sorry that this has taken so long to get ready. Thanks for being patient!

See ya later Monkeys,


Friday, February 22, 2013

March MaxiMonkey Application!

March MaxiMonkeys Wanted!

Hi Monkeys!
The MaxiMonkey application has returned for the EPIC Month of March! Apply today to become one of our awesome, senior MaxiMonkeys, who help new players on MiniMonos!

To apply to become a MaxiMonkey, fill out the form below:

This MaxiMonkey application form is from MiniMonos not us and  will be open until March 1st.
Good luck monkeys! :-)


P.S.Click on our MaxiMonkey Page to see what Responsibilities a MaxiMonkey should have :) 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

BONUS Paper Lanterns!

BONUS Paper Lanterns!

Make your treehouse light up this weekend with BONUS Paper Lanterns!
Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get BONUS Paper Lanterns for your treehouse!

Offer ends midday Monday February 25th, Monkey Time (GMT).


The Most Festive Tree House Winners!

The MOST FESTIVE treehouses on MiniMonos!

Jablala is ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year with a festive meal in her EPIC TreeHouse. Jablala has the MOST FESTIVE TreeHouse on MiniMonos and is grabbing a Golden Ticket for her awesome decorating!
Lillybubb and ColaX have also been rewarded with one Gold Ticket each for decking out their treehouses for the Lunar New Year.
Great job decorating, monkeys!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tj2004 gone Outrageous!

Ediesonz3 here,

Tj has been a good friend, But what happen?
She is going crazy.

I mean she's accusing younger children like she's a boss.
She was being mean to me, joel, love, and maybe some of you.

Tj gone crazy after I reported her for breaking rules.
She broke 5 rules today in less in 30 hour!
She even reported 30 monkeys in 1 hour! o.O

I mean what the fudge gurl, Don't be a female d00g for crying out loud!
Your a minimod, You should be helping other Minimod not accusing other monkeys.
I suggest you either report her for being rude to any monkey, or unfriend her if she bothering you.

PS. her backup/Fake account is Ryan


Surprise Party

Hey Guys, Ediesonz3 here,

ColaX and I will be throwing a Surprise party, But it will be a tricky one.

I will only invite monkeys who has the outfit to wear and they will also know how to read the message below.

Party will be for Monku20. 
Thanks for Joel who suggested this party!

Where: Monku20 Treehouse (His old account)
When: Maybe 20-30 days due that he has exam *Educations comes first*
Time: this will be confirm after monku comes to minimonons

The outfit is NINJA WEAR! U have to wear ninja costume, any Ninja Costume will be fine.
Plenty of Prizes, Plenty of Games, Plenty of FUn!

For more info please contact Ediesonz3,iEddie or ColaX on Minimonons! Thank you! :D

Rock Climbing!

 Me,Edie and KingMonkey Went RockClimbing in Crystal Cave!

I will add this to My Funny Pics!


Marcos Mugshot!

Heya Monkeys!!
Everyone had a BLAST this week with these amazing pictures!!!

Everyone had a BALL surrounding the valentines card invites!!

Bubble98 gave her friends a little joke with Go Groucho!!

Everyone became ghost including the snowmen and the pie monsters!

Bananatastic tells a exciting story!

Viper and bt team up as bat catchers!

Peace Out! xD

Its Red Tuesday!!!

Heya Monkeys!
Its Red Tuesday!! Woot Woot Wahay Lol
i have a couple of pictures of me and sboyo27 ( a viewer of Minimonos Blast!)
This is at Sboyo27s house!! Epic isnt it!

Watch out The next house is way worse (its mine lol)

Peace Out! xD


Busy for 20-30 days.

Hey monkeys! I could not be able to come on minimonos for about 20-30 days because my exams have started. I will miss you all a lot in these days. Meet you after 20 days.

sidarth1 (monku20) =-)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lucky 1990th friend!!

Heya Monkeys!!

I have finnaly got my 1900th friend!!

The lucky lucky monkey is................. Redboyrulls

Lucky eh!

Anyway thats all (there will be a competition for my 2000th buddy which will be a big prize)

Peace out! xD!!


My memories with Monku20!

Hey monkeys, today i will show you my memories with Monku20:

This photo was my first photo on Minimonos Blast.

This photo of me was for the egyptian party (The first party of Minimonos Blast)

This photo was taken when the hunt for golden scarab started. I took this photo of me, Ediesonz3 and Davidp81

I took this photo celebrating the Chinese New year celebration with all the ninja which was also in the Marco's Mug shot.

And this photo which was my last photo with Monku20 in the celebration of Indian traditional festival, Vasant Panchami.

Sidarth1 :")

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bonus Go Earth Powers!

BONUS Go Earth xPowers!

Do you want 40 BONUS Go Earth xPowers?
Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get 40 BONUS 'Go Earth' xPowers on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday February 18th, Monkey Time (GMT).

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Starving for Pie?

Are you monkeys tired of bananas and are starving for some food?

Well your in luck! Use this code YUMMYPIE for some yummy 20 go pumpkin pie, Don't eat too much! ;)

Have Fun,

Totally Red Tuesday!

The Lunar New Year celebrations continue on MiniMonos!
Did you know the colour red represents good luck? Turn your monkey red on the 19th of February and wish all of the new monkeys on the island good luck on their journey to becoming a Green Banana, Top Banana, and Mini Mod! 
It is highly recommended that ALL MaxiMonkeys participate in this day AND encourage all of their buddies to participate too. Happy TOTALLY Red Tuesday!
~WhenTuesday, 19 Feb 2013
Where~ The MiniMonos Island!

Lilac02's Interview!

This is my Interview with Lilac02 She is very popular on MiniMonos and loves to have fun!

Me~ Ok Here is my Questions for the interview!

Me~ Whats your favourite MiniMonos game?

Lilac~ Lagoon one, cuz it's fun (Also known as Gil's Scuba!)

Me~ Whats your favourite colour?

Lilac~ Aqua Marine

Me~ Are you a MaxiMonkey?

Lilac~ Yes

Me~ Finally whats the Top Cap you are most proud of?

Lilac~ Ratiriffic!

Me~ One More Question,out of 100 how much do you like MiniMonos?

Lilac~ Like LOADS!

And That was my Interview from Lilac!



Riddle Results!

Ok last week I asked you to do my riddle I only  got 2 correct entries but I picked a random Monkey to win and Yeknom10 was that monkey he got the answer Rose which was correct and I will give him his prize when I see him!

P.S.The new puzzle is out next week!



Heya monkeys!

With my Monkey friends we decided to have a poo party!!!
 You can start a poo party 

by simply using the power go poo!!!!!

Peace Out!


New Weekly Gifts

New Weekly Gifts! *Horray*

So today will be... *Double Dare week*

Okay, So on minimonons message me "Ediesonz3"
and say "DDMe" (Double Dare me)

For example
Manx: "DDMe"
Ediesonz3: "I dare your to jump"
Manx: "Done"
Ediesonz3: *Gives 2 gifts*

Prizes: 2 Gifts
Easy right? Offer ends February 22 2013

Well Done for last week's weekly prizes

Silver ticket: Tipski
Bronze ticket: ethan9898 shannah186 olivermonkey584 levin85

5 Days: Monku20 and Lukata
Please wait 2 days to receive your gifts :)  

1900 Freinds!

Heya Monkeys!

do you want to be MY 1900 BUDDY?

the lucky monkey who is my 1900 buddy will get  a gift!

So if you want that gift look out For Yeknom10

so far i have 1865 friends !! be my 1900!

Peace Out!

~ Yeknom10  


Hey Monkeys!

Chewer here!

It's my actual Birthday on the next Friday coming (February 22nd!)

I'm really looking forward to it!

Do you have any Birthdays coming up soon?

If you do you can comment when it is! (If you're allowed!)

Happy Birthday if you do have an upcoming Birthday!

~Chewer 24

Friday, February 15, 2013

New Background!!!

Just a quick post to say do you like the new background Its only temporary so Comment on the post and tell me if you like it!


Yikes double pie!

Heya Monkeys!

Only a short post now (sorry) but i just want to show you a game at the cave some monkeys played which creepily involved Double Pie monsters! 
Peace Out!

Sorry monkeys but me Monku20 is banned forever :'(

Hiya monkey. I am banned from Minimonos forever. The contest is now cancelled. And now i will tell you why i am banned for no reason. You all know Ray a monkey who was irritating me a lot so i just said him not to do it again and i said that i will tell George to take him out of the Ninja club. And then i got a message that i am banned forever. So i beg you that please ask all the ambassadors who is in your list that please repair my that account because i did nothing. And if my account didn't repaired , don't worry, you will see me on Minimonos as Sidarth1 and i will be posting more posts here.

Monku20 :"(

A spring festival contest!

Hey monkeys! As you all know I live in India. Just like UK's festival Red Nose Day, there is a festival vasant panchami here in India. This is celebrated by wearing yellow coloured clothes by the Punjabi people. So i thought of making a contest for it. A Vasant Panchami contest! You have to wear Yellow clothes and send the photos at "" I will choose the three best costumes. The contest will end on  8th March. The prizes will be the x powers available at that time.
This is my photo in Yellow clothes. I think this may help you. It is not compulsory to wear costumes, you can wear clothes also.

Monku20 =-D

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Ninja Afro Style!

Lol yes THAT is me in the Lite Blue Ninja Suit!

What do you think this means?

 Another party,contest or ANOTHER 
themed week comment your thoughts!