Sunday, March 31, 2013

Cola is back!

Hey Monkeys Cola here I'm back from my break :P

I've missed a lot during the 3or4 days I've been away,anyway Ask Cola Day has changed to the 5th of April 5Pm and you can ask me stuff like where did you find out about MiniMonos,what is your fave colour,who first showed you around etc.

Anyway I'm back!

Ahh me relaxing Peace and Quiet!

Oops how did that pic get there?

Nevermind,tomorrow is April Fools Woot Woot and yes Tomorrow I'm gonna be fooling around so keep your Guard,the joker is about!


Chewer's Sunday funday

Hey monkeys, Chewer here!
I've decided to make something like Marco's mugshot Monday, but it's called Chewers Sunday funday!
Let's get started!

Bananatastic turns into a bunny to play egg hunt (Like pie time but as eggs and at the Champions field!)

Monkeys played egg hunt with Bananatastic including Lilac02, Olgamina, Monamona and lots more!

Me and Bannagirl04 decided to have a little rest on the Table tennis tables! It was very comfy!

Bananatastic and me having fun leveling up!

Lukata, Carpetman45, Monamona, Me, Davidp81 and more decided we were going to have some adventures!

Were you in any of these pictures? If so message me and you can help next time and might get a gift! 

There will be more next Sunday!

See ya around the island Monkeys,


Friday, March 29, 2013

3 days left!

Heya Monkeys!

how ya Doin???!!

ive just giving you a quick reminder about my contest (Monkey drawing) which ends on the first of April!

All you have to do is draw a picture on paper or 
computer and send to

By the way im extremely sorry i haven't been posting so

 much lately! :)

Peace Out! xD

~ Yeknom10
P.S There might be a new room on Minimonos (check on Friday) credit to DavidP81 who said their might be!

Sorry monkeys!

Hey monkeys! Sorry for not posting something on the blog. I was not be able to come on minimonos as my internet connection was broken and i was not be able to come for some more days until i don't get my internet connection repaired. I will be coming on minimonos for some time with my friend's internet.


Where am I winner!

Hello monkeys!
How are ya all?

Lets start now.....

As you know I set a new Where am I comp earlier this month! I have now chosen a winner thanks to the FRUIT MACHINE !

The winner is........


Well done, YEKNOM10 your prize will be coming your way very soon! Congratulations!

Cya monkeys....


P.S  The next where am I will be soooooooooooo tough nobody might get it! 

P.P.S The next upcoming where am I will be the last one EVER! :-(

Thursday, March 28, 2013

On the hunt for April MaxiMonkeys!

Hi Monkeys!
The MaxiMonkey applicationhas returned for the month of April! Apply today to become one of our awesome, senior MaxiMonkeys, who help new players on MiniMonos!
To apply to become a MaxiMonkey, fill out the form below:
This MaxiMonkey application form will be open until April 1st.
Good luck monkeys! :-)

Woot GoodLuck times2 from The MiniMonos Blast Team!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Splat Mag!

Hey monkeys in the AppStore recently I found this new mag called Splat and guess what you can win a MiniMonos membership in it Wahooo!

Anyways I've been doing my research on it LOL and I got it from the AppStore £2.50 and They have a Minimonos section in it!

Woot Woot this is an interactive mag which is it out every month in the AppStore (You can't get it in real life!)

Look below for the Awesome Snap shots I got!


Whats your fave flavour of Pie! Poll is over!

Recently our Poll has closed and here is the results!

Turns out you voted Mud Pie the most,so here's a piece of My Mud Pie Special with EXTRA Bugs!

     Anyway talking about BUGS here's a new Code:

 (Credit to DavidP81!)


P.S.I'm gonna try and post a lot because I might not be on MiniMonos everyday!


March-April Funny Pics 2013!

Enjoy and don't forget to Comment your fave pic!

These Pics will be added to My Funny Pics very Soon!


I'm the BEST at Hide and Seek! (Sarcasm!) 

I don't like Traderz anymore!
Why cant I see out the window xD?

More coming soon!

P.S.It takes a while to get new Pics so if you want you can give us Ideas on the Help Page!

New Emoticons!

Me and RedBoyRules have been making new Emoticons hope you like them!!!

Yea I spelt Emoticon wrong but Oh Well lesson learned!

Yea there's already a bored emoticon but OhWell!


P.S.Very Special thanks to RedBoy for helping me out!

Secret Party + Membership Giveaway + FREE Gifts!

Ediesonz3 here, 
I haven't post in a while, So sorry about that :P

We the MM Blast will be throw a Secret party. This party will be celebrated somewhere real soon and will be a SPY Party. However, It will be a Hunt to find this party! Hints will be provided

Your first hint:
I am a monkey not that rare, I like to be a spy, Hiding in the air. My name has Cow and I like Ballz. Do find me. I rarely come on. I like beaches, therefore you can find me. Add me and I'll surely add you. I am green like the tree's and grass that grows. Who am I?

Well that's your hint. nice you know who this monkey is. ADD HIM and he will Message you the next hint!
Afterwards, there will be the last monkey who will tell you the party stuff.


Thank you all of your support! We might or reached 10,000 real soon.
So on that Spy party I will be giving some 3 day membership or a 6 month membership O:

So If I were you find the riddles, It will be one AWESOME Spy Party!
May the luck be with you all. See you guys soon. TTYL

P..s. LS (LittleStone Leaving) Please message her on her new job. Thank you LS for the support! We will miss you <3333 See ya soon!

Saturday, March 23, 2013



The Contest is about what our ULTIMATE Spy Team is gonna wear!



Hey Monkeys in JUST A DAY Our clever monkey friend (Dynamo12) manually collected all the Pieces to the Spy Weeks first Clue and got this!

What do you think this means!?!

Comment what you think M.I.S.S.S.I.O.N Stands for (Dynamo  and Edie are NOT aloud to do this since they already know!)

Best Guess wins 50Go Gifts!


New Code!

Hey Monkeys Here is a New Code!

I was the First one to know about it!

The Code is:


It will help you in grow!

See ya Around Monkeys!


Competition extended!

Hey Monks, Chewer here.
Just thought I'd give you a quick note to say my Where am I competition has been extended to Sunday 24th March.I did this because i couldn't post yesterday because of all the snow and...... I'm having to play in the snow all day today  Lol, so won't be on Minimonos much! :(

See ya soon,

Friday, March 22, 2013

Something NEW is Coming!

Hey Monkeys for the Next 2Weeks MiniMonos Blast is going to have a VERY SPECIAL SURPRISE!

Do you remember the decoder message that we had?

The Message said:

MiniMonos Blast is going to have another theme week as spies!

Welldone if you got it right because we are going to give our blog a VERY special make-over for the Past Couple of Days!

Our blog is going to be Transformed and it will be the best event we have had yet!

In the Mean Time here is another Clue of whats coming!

 I will be giving other blogs one of our 4 Puzzle Pieces!

~Cola and the MiniMonos Blast Team!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Epic Week starts tomorrow!


That's right! 
Only ONE DAY left until the most exciting update ever on MiniMonos!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Patrick's day celebrations!

Hey Monkeys, Chewer here!

How is things?
Anyway.... lets start!

Sorry it's  a bit late but here is what I did on St. Patrick's day:

Me, Yeknom10 and Dynamo12 felt like partying with the new one off power ; erin go bragh! It was so fun!

Kingkong163, Finch7 and me celebrate St. Patrick's day!

That's it for now monkeys, but remember, my Where am I comp ends Friday 22nd March! So get entering if you want to win an awesome prize! (P.S - It's pretty easy)

See ya around....


Epic Countdown started!

The EPIC Countdown Starts NOW!

Get ready, monkeys...
The EPIC update you've all been waiting for is coming!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The warrior!

New MiniMonos Hero unveiled: The Warrior!

The last MiniMonos Hero has been uncovered!
These past two weeks our AWESOME fan blogs have been working together to solve puzzles about the NEW MiniMonos Heroes!
First they revealed an Inventor, then a Guardian, and now a WARRIOR:
What do you think this Warrior will get up to?  What do you think a Warrior is like?  Leave a comment below and let us know! 
Thank you MiniMonos TimeMiniMonos InfoMiniMonos Planet, and MiniMonos Blast for working together and revealing the Warrior for us!
PS: Stay tuned for an EPIC MiniMonos ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exclusive: MiniMonos Blast Puzzle Piece ~Part 3~

Hey Monkeys :P

For the past 2 weeks, we've been solving amazing puzzle; The inventor, The guardian, and today Bananatastic gave us a Puzzle Piece! :'D

What do you think this is? 

Comment down below and random people win be reciving "Go gifts"

How ya doing?

Hey Monkeys.......

Sorry about not being able to come to any of our parties :(

I have had a hard week,I hope you understand.


St Patrick's day celebrations

Heya Monkeys!
Me, Yeknom10 Chewer24 and Dynamo12 celebrated St Patrick's day! with the epic x power `Erin Go Bragh` 

This is the picture at the scene!!!

Hope you like it Monkeys!
Peace Out! xD!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Where am I Harder version!

Hey Monkeys!

Sorry I haven't been posting for a while, it's because I've been revising as I have exams from  this Monday to Friday!


I've decided to make a new where am I competition.

 The winner will win an EPIC prize, and if you want to know more of the rules, check out last time:  Click here

This one is quite hard, however you might find it easy! If you don't you can always ask for a clue by messaging me.

 Here it is!

This will end Friday 22nd of March, around 4-5 PM British and Minimonos Time.

See ya soon,


P.S The next Where am I, will be extra tough! xD

Friday, March 15, 2013

BONUS Green Butterfly Suit!

Get ready to suit up in this AWESOME Green Butterfly Suit this weekend!
You're going to make your buddies fly away with excitment as your new costume quickly becomes the latest buzz!
Purchase Shells, Banana Chips or a MiniMonos Gold membership between now and midday on Monday and get a BONUS Green Butterfly Suit on MiniMonos!

Offer ends midday Monday March 18th, Monkey Time (GMT).

Red Nose Day Comp Winners!

Hey Monkeys here is the winners for the Red Nose Day Competition!

In first place we have Dynamo12!

He won a chance to be interviewed on our blog and 20 Go Gifts!

In second place we have Monku20!

He won 50 Go Gifts!

And last but not least with Lilac02 in 3rd Place!

She won 20 Go Gifts!

Welldone to all our winners,if you didn't win their's allways next time!


P.S.I'm going to have an ask Cola day at My Tree on StarTiger,5Pm on the 31rst of March!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

My entry for monkey drawing contest!

Hey Monkeys! I made this drawing on my computer for the Monkey drawing contest by Yeknom10. I hope I will win this contest. But please don't copy this picture as it is Monku's property.

Monku20 =-)

My entry for the flag contest!

Hey monkeys! As Ediesonz3 kept a cool contest for 1 month membership, I made this flag of minimonos blast for the flag contest. But please don't copy it as it is Monku's property.

~Monku20 :-D

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Contest Reminder!!

Heya Monkeys!
How ya Doin?
Well im just reminding you EPIC Monkeys about my contest which is to draw a monkey on the computer or on a piece of paper! and send to ``  i am giving you this reminder because only ColaX  has entered with a EPIC Monkey drawing (and if it was only him who entered he would win the 10 shell prize!)
Get Drawing Monkeys!
Peace Out! xD

Marco's Mug Shot Monday!

Marco's mug-shot Monday: Building Robots with Buddies!

Last week you guys rushed down to the Lab to invent robots for our robot building contest. Check out these pictures:
Every monkey on MiniMonos loves their pet robot!
Jablala smiles for a picture with her robot at her tree!
Monkeys celebrate World Book Day with stories around the camp fire!
Chewer24 invented his robot BOLTZ at the Lab!
We all gave a huge shout-out to our mums for Mothering Sunday!

Thanks for another awesome week, monkeys! Which robot from the Lab is your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know!

MouthyMonkey again a simple monkey!

Hey monkeys! The monkey I told about, who was a new staff member of minimonos named MouthyMonkey is now again a simple monkey. I don't know why but this is today's news.


Monday, March 11, 2013

New Comp!

Hey Monkeys I now have a new Orbventure its called MiniMonos Blast!!! Can you guess why?

Well its for a contest I'm doing!

I'm Gonna make it Harder AND Harder along they way!

It will be updated every month and if you message me on MiniMonos to say you've finished it if your the first one you will get a Prize!

The Prize is : 

An Official Interview with Me!

20Go Gifts! 

And an Ask Cola Day for everyone who participates!

GoodLuck Monkeys the Competition is Now ON!


P.S.As I said it will get harder every Month!

New MiniMonos Staff member!

OMG! New MiniMonos Staff member here! Can you imagine, he is just 2 days old. and I am his second friend. As you can see his name is Mouthymonkey. He will be working for MiniMonos now.

Monku20 :O

Sorry monkeys!

Hey monkeys! I sent a post that i am banned again but today i am back again!

Monku20 =-D

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pie Time!

Hey Monkeys! I had a great pie time with BT yesterday. And I also took a photo of it. I made it a tricky one. I made it as a contest, in which you have to find me in the above picture. If you find me all you have to do is a process to show me that you found me. Here is the process:
1.Go to Powerpoint Presentation.
2.Copy-Paste the picture.
3.Click on "Insert".
4.Click on "shapes".
5.Click on the straight line and make a box around the pie you think I am.
6.Take your mouse in the corner.
7.Drag to make a temporary blue box which comes when you drag your mouse around the photo.
8.Right click on the mouse and choose the option "save as picture".
9.Send the picture to

I will choose the winner randomly and only those who gave correct answer of course.
The winner will get 20 go gifts Xpowers.