Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Weekly Gifts

New Weekly Gifts! *Horray*

So today will be... *Double Dare week*

Okay, So on minimonons message me "Ediesonz3"
and say "DDMe" (Double Dare me)

For example
Manx: "DDMe"
Ediesonz3: "I dare your to jump"
Manx: "Done"
Ediesonz3: *Gives 2 gifts*

Prizes: 2 Gifts
Easy right? Offer ends February 22 2013

Well Done for last week's weekly prizes

Silver ticket: Tipski
Bronze ticket: ethan9898 shannah186 olivermonkey584 levin85

5 Days: Monku20 and Lukata
Please wait 2 days to receive your gifts :)  

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