Monday, February 11, 2013

Red Nose Day Contest Reminder!

Ok I'm going to host a red nose day contest,Red Nose Day is fundraising for Comic Relief (in the Uk)!

Ok  Its a Contest for Everyone to join in!

Anyway here's what you have to do to enter the Competition You need to wear white and red clothes (Or white and red fur!)

When your outfit is ready message me on MiniMonos  and say Red Nose Ready and I will take a Pic of your Monkey!

1rst Prize: Triple Pack!

2nd Prize: 30 Go Year of The Snake!

3rd Prize: 5 Go Snakes & 5 Go Lanterns!

May the best Entries win :)


P.S. The competition ends on Red Nose Day (15th of March!)

Here is my entry Does it inspire you?


  1. I am going to do that!
    I was thinking about the same thing for my blog!
    Have a look at:
    HARRY :D

  2. Replies
    1. Ok Tell me when Your ready for me 2 take a pic!


  3. Ive entered and youve took my pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!