Friday, February 15, 2013

Sorry monkeys but me Monku20 is banned forever :'(

Hiya monkey. I am banned from Minimonos forever. The contest is now cancelled. And now i will tell you why i am banned for no reason. You all know Ray a monkey who was irritating me a lot so i just said him not to do it again and i said that i will tell George to take him out of the Ninja club. And then i got a message that i am banned forever. So i beg you that please ask all the ambassadors who is in your list that please repair my that account because i did nothing. And if my account didn't repaired , don't worry, you will see me on Minimonos as Sidarth1 and i will be posting more posts here.

Monku20 :"(


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that Monku :(


  2. SO sorry monku i really feel for ya so i told Manx to bring you back!!

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  4. Sorry Monku20!