Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Party Time!

Ok Monkeys I'm gonna be hosting These 
3 Parties,here are the details! :

Pi Day Party :

About : On March 14 math lovers around the country celebrate Pi, the irrational number commonly abbreviated to 3.14. Make it rain PIe on MiniMonos with "Go Pie" xPowers. (100 of these xPowers were sent to all MaxiMonkeys in the beginning of the month).

Time : 4:30PM Mm Time AND Uk Time!

When :14 March!

Where: Hana Cove!

Red Nose Day Party :

Time : 6:00PM Mm Time AND Uk Time!

When:15 of March!

Where : Gil's Lagoon!

What to wear : Come dressed in your Red Nose Day Costume Entrie!

Saint Patrick's Day :

About : Happy St.Patrick's Day! Turn your monkey green at the Color Me shop. Cover your friends in green paint using your Go Green Goo xPowers!Say "erin go bragh" to your buddies and watch what happens! Happy St. Patrick's day!

Time : 5:00PM Mm Time AND Uk Time!

When : 17th of March!

Where : Mountain Path!

What to wear : Wear anything that's green! (If Not I'll use Go Green Goo!)

Enjoy our Parties!

(MiniMonos Blast's Party Master!)

P.S.All of the parties above will last about 15-30 Minutes :)

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