Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pie Time!

Hey Monkeys! I had a great pie time with BT yesterday. And I also took a photo of it. I made it a tricky one. I made it as a contest, in which you have to find me in the above picture. If you find me all you have to do is a process to show me that you found me. Here is the process:
1.Go to Powerpoint Presentation.
2.Copy-Paste the picture.
3.Click on "Insert".
4.Click on "shapes".
5.Click on the straight line and make a box around the pie you think I am.
6.Take your mouse in the corner.
7.Drag to make a temporary blue box which comes when you drag your mouse around the photo.
8.Right click on the mouse and choose the option "save as picture".
9.Send the picture to

I will choose the winner randomly and only those who gave correct answer of course.
The winner will get 20 go gifts Xpowers.


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