Monday, March 25, 2013

Secret Party + Membership Giveaway + FREE Gifts!

Ediesonz3 here, 
I haven't post in a while, So sorry about that :P

We the MM Blast will be throw a Secret party. This party will be celebrated somewhere real soon and will be a SPY Party. However, It will be a Hunt to find this party! Hints will be provided

Your first hint:
I am a monkey not that rare, I like to be a spy, Hiding in the air. My name has Cow and I like Ballz. Do find me. I rarely come on. I like beaches, therefore you can find me. Add me and I'll surely add you. I am green like the tree's and grass that grows. Who am I?

Well that's your hint. nice you know who this monkey is. ADD HIM and he will Message you the next hint!
Afterwards, there will be the last monkey who will tell you the party stuff.


Thank you all of your support! We might or reached 10,000 real soon.
So on that Spy party I will be giving some 3 day membership or a 6 month membership O:

So If I were you find the riddles, It will be one AWESOME Spy Party!
May the luck be with you all. See you guys soon. TTYL

P..s. LS (LittleStone Leaving) Please message her on her new job. Thank you LS for the support! We will miss you <3333 See ya soon!


  1. When you said the monkey rarely comes on, will he be coming on more often so we can message him?

    1. Uhmm... Sorry about that. All three monkeys will go online if Im online

  2. I know who it is!! ;D

  3. Ok thanks edie!