Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cp Frenzy!

Hey Monkeys do you remember when I made Cp Frenzy Yes?... Well we are now looking for writers!

Wanna be a Writer for  Cp Frenzy?

Just answer these simple Questions!

Click on The CpFrenzy Banner to visit the page!

1.What is your penguins name?
2.How old is your Penguin?
3.What is your fave colour?
4.Whats your fave Mini-Game on Cp?
5.Whats the First Party you went to on Cp?
6.Out of 1-10 how much do you like our blog?
7.If you were to change something on our blog what would it be?
8.Whats your fave colour of Puffle?

Please comment your Answers on Cp Frenzy!
Good Luck!


P.S.You need to have a blogger account!

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