Sunday, April 21, 2013

Chewers Sunday Funday

Heya Monkeys!

How ya all doin'?

As usual here is my Sunday Funday!

First up is this little fella! He was hanging around some rocks at the eco dome. Popping his head in and out! What bug do you think he is? Most accurate/ creative will win a gift (Comment your suggestion)

Next up, a gold membership party! Me, Yeknom10, Lilac02, Love7891, Bluie9 and Trendzstar sat down in some VERY comfy chairs, waiting for BT! It was a struggle to get of them it was so comfy!

 Notice anything different about this news board? Of course you do! Theres a macaw on top of it! Click on him/her and he will fly. Also, there is another macaw at the Eco dome! ;)

Next up is another party with BT at Hana cove! Alphamonkey also came and as we were waiting we all used the "I am football" power! Can you see we've sort of made a face??? Maybe not! ;)

Second to last is this picture. It's me as a scarab, Yeknom as a snowman and the awesome Timmy02, hanging out on a slide! It was so fun! You can ask them!

That's it from this weeks Sunday Funday! More next Sunday!

Remember comment if you were in any of these pictures and if you were I will give you a gift! E.g if you were in two pictures you would get 2 shells worth of gifts! ;)

See ya around monkeys,


P.S This is the go macaws power that I mentioned in 3rd pic!

(Thanks to the Go bananas blog!)


  1. Your gifts are on their way!


  2. Your gifts are coming your way love!


  3. This blog sucks! Monku, please bring Ediesonz3 back.
    He is so awesome! He gave me few gifts just for visiting! Not like you! Now Im telling EVERYONE not to come here. I will not even come back unless Ediesonz3 is back here! He is awesome! Please.

    My username is andy521

  4. Im in none :(
    ~Timothy36 :-P

  5. Sorry Tim lol!

    P.S Andy Ed IS back! :P

  6. Im in football one! The bug is a centipede! :)


  7. I'm in 1 pic, number 2 with the pup waiting for bt, and the buggy thing is a centipede (I think).

  8. Gifting you dyn and Lilac right now. Will wait for a few more suggestions with that bug till I will gift the best one (If no more entries both of you will get an additional gift :p)


  9. i am in the one the slide as i am (the awsome) Timmy02!!!

  10. Yep you are there buddy! Gifting you now!


  11. Has everybody recieved their gifts (Just in case I forogt some!)


  12. yay im on it(trendzstar)