Sunday, April 21, 2013

Offical Grand Opening DISASTER. Me leaving

I must say. Thanks for all those who came. After all it was a disaster.

Starting with tiger saying "Ahh Your boring i'm leaving" -Thanks so much Tiger I will try my best next time
Soon more people came and got tired of waiting, saying Im boring. Again, Thank you.

Aftera couple of mins. One of our MM Blast member came. Ask a simple question to ruiend the party.
"Was I online the 5-6 hours ago" Soon everyone asnswer yes. And simple as that booooomed. Cola and everyone started blaming on me. For hacking him? Geez. I been here in my laptop updating posting stuff.

I'm now being blamed for everything. Coming stright up saying I did this with no evidence.

  • Colax removeal
  • MiniMonos World  forums swearing
  • ColaX hacking issues
  • MM Tracker swearing issue
  • Party pooper.
I mean, ever since this blog has been updated I've been bullied.
Since then I lost quiet a few friends turning to enemies. From day one. till today.
Still getting mesages from MiniMonos and from my blog. 

So I made up my mind. This blog might be closed. As well as I am quiting MiniMonos.
My twitter will be gone. Youtube will be gone. My email will be gone too.

MM Blast team, Thank you. You did nothing wrong.
My dear loving veiwers thank you.  We've reached 15,000 Veiwes :)
Friends, thanks for your support
Ambassadors, Thanks so much for the awesome experience in the game.

Lets just say. Thank you!

December 4th- April 21.


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  2. Edie there is no point of closing everything you have. You'll soon regret it! :( =(

    ~Chewer24 =( :(

  3. Awwww
    Please don't leave MM edie or this blog which YOU made Awesome! :(
    ~ Yeknom10

  4. Eddy don't leave the blog and mm. I will help you get everything back that you lost in MM.

  5. Do MM blast members keep blog?