Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sad News!

I know this is very Sudden but I have made a choice,I'm very sad that I'm going to leave my First MiniMonos Blog but I couldn't take the thing with David (Its NOT Davids fault!) 

I'm gonna start fresh and join another MiniMonos Blog I don't know which one yet so don't get your hopes up, I'm very grateful to: Ediesonz3,monku20,chewer24 and yeknom10 for making this blog great.And I thought It would be unfair to MiniMonos Blast If i took my FunnyPics,Banners and of Course my Monkey Blast with me.

So just my last goodbyes to this blog!

I will be popping in and out to see how its going!

And will be resigning my role as an Admin tomorrow and its up to Edie to choose my replacement.

NOTE: I am NOT Leaving MiniMonos

 See Ya Around :T



    Cola u make MM blast great! Im so sad ur leaving :C
    ~Timothy36 :-C

  2. You could always join my blog. Sad that you're leaving this blog though.

  3. I have moved blogs and I am now Working on MiniMonos Mad ( With 2 of My Best Buddies Lilac02 and Love7891 ;)


    P.S.I might ask Edie to become a Moderator for MM Blast.