Saturday, April 27, 2013


Heyo Monkeys,
Just a quick reminder. Our Monkey choice awards will end in 3 day, be sure to vote for yourself and your friends by May 1st :)

We also finally have a new Party Master. ColaX.


  • I putted an HTML code for auto music when you come to this blog and also when you post for blog members. If you don't like the music simply pause it/ Change the music or if your editing or posting just simply mute your music. I randomly choose this music. Took me forever because most of the music was copyright, so I couldn't use it. (Oh and If you like pen something in a new tab. Be sure to mute on music off, it will sound distracting)
  • I also added an HTML where this blog got 4x faster then before. So whenever theres music player playing. It wont lag. (Note: If it is lagging for you, it either your in Minimonos will Xpowers and your here, Having way too much tabs from FB, MM, Twitter, Kik, etc, or too much history in one tab)
  • Gift Giver is up now. Be sure to check it out, it's pretty awesome!
  • Youtube will start not today but May 1st. Pretty busy.
So that's all monkeys! Also, If you have any music you love I might add it in :)
Comment below! (=



  1. Nice! Good that colaX came back! Cool updates ed!

  2. Gift giver hasn't changed?

  3. So is Cola part of the blog now?

  4. Sometimes I go on MMB and the music wakes peeps up LOL!