Sunday, July 7, 2013

Wassup Guys!

Wassup Guys! 
Hope you've been enjoying your summer (: (Not too much time in internet :o)

I've been traveling from each and most of the best of the best virtual world.
As of for now, I'm playing JacksJourney, I'm currently being in the Youtube Community,  and soon be playing an amazing virtual world; Lollo, made by Davidp81.

As i was looking back. Were still getting veiws somehow. Not much however, I'd like to say if your reading this. Please have a fun summer, Most minimonos players will be playing Lollo. I myself wasn't going to but, I gave it a shot. Hope to see you there!



  1. Your now the new Co-Owner of Lollo-Extra :)


  2. Cola! Can i make a random show named Chunk's show on my blog? Dont worry, i will also mention your name if i have permission to copy your idea :P

    With regards very sensitive but very naughty ~ Monku20

  3. and one more thing! in reaction i think you should change monkeyriffic to lolloriffic :P