Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Surprise Party

Hey Guys, Ediesonz3 here,

ColaX and I will be throwing a Surprise party, But it will be a tricky one.

I will only invite monkeys who has the outfit to wear and they will also know how to read the message below.

Party will be for Monku20. 
Thanks for Joel who suggested this party!

Where: Monku20 Treehouse (His old account)
When: Maybe 20-30 days due that he has exam *Educations comes first*
Time: this will be confirm after monku comes to minimonons

The outfit is NINJA WEAR! U have to wear ninja costume, any Ninja Costume will be fine.
Plenty of Prizes, Plenty of Games, Plenty of FUn!

For more info please contact Ediesonz3,iEddie or ColaX on Minimonons! Thank you! :D


  1. I found out how you read it. :)
    But i dont think it will be a complete success...cause no-one know's when it is...


    1. Dynamo, the party will be on 8th march or onwards because of my exams.

      ~Monku20 =-)

  2. I know how to read it Because I had the idea!

  3. Eddy there is a spelling error in the spelling of minimonos. You have written minimonons. Please correct it. And i know how to read it and thanx.

    Monku20 XD