Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tj2004 gone Outrageous!

Ediesonz3 here,

Tj has been a good friend, But what happen?
She is going crazy.

I mean she's accusing younger children like she's a boss.
She was being mean to me, joel, love, and maybe some of you.

Tj gone crazy after I reported her for breaking rules.
She broke 5 rules today in less in 30 hour!
She even reported 30 monkeys in 1 hour! o.O

I mean what the fudge gurl, Don't be a female d00g for crying out loud!
Your a minimod, You should be helping other Minimod not accusing other monkeys.
I suggest you either report her for being rude to any monkey, or unfriend her if she bothering you.

PS. her backup/Fake account is Ryan


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