Friday, March 8, 2013

New contest!!!

Design your own Flag!

Today we are excited to see that we have 7500 Views  Thanks for all of that! Thank you. As a reward, I'll be giving a away a 1 month Membership card + Rare Items that aren't found here in Minimonons anymore + Gifts and Fun!

Design your own flag rules:
1. Draw or Using your Computer to create your flag.
2.  If your drawing and once finish. Scan or take a picture.
3. Email it to ""

Must Include the following:
-MiniMonons Blast! or MMBlast
-Your name at the bottom

1st Place: 1 month membership + 10 shells worth of gifts + Pick your own rare item
2nd Place: 30 shells worth of gifts + 2 are item
3rd place: 5 shells worth of gifts + 1 rare item

All who participate will be reward 1 shell worth of gift :)

P.s. Be sure to keep track of weekly gifts.. Who knows I might be make a video each weekly gifts =]

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