Friday, March 8, 2013

World Book Day Giveaway #2

World Book Day Interview #2: Liz Pichon!

LizPichonPolaroidOur World Book Day celebrations continue another bananamazing author interview! This one is with Liz Pichon, author ofThe Brilliant World of Tom Gates & other hilarious Tom Gates books!
If YOU want to be in to win 5 of her Tom Gates books, including her special World Book Day book: Best World Book Day Ever (so far), pay close attention to her answers!
Here's what we asked her:
Did you always know you wanted to become an author when you were younger?
Not at all. I had no idea that you could do this sort of thing for a living.  I worked as an illustrator and I got asked to illustrate other people’s books.  So I decided to have a go at writing my own stories and trying to make them funny.

What authors inspired you to become a writer yourself?
I loved Roald Dahl. And I love Quentin Blakes illustrations too.

Do you prefer writing using pen & paper, or do you like using a computer?
I do both. I handwrite everything first, then transfer it to the computer.
What were some of your favourite books when you were growing up?
A big favourite was Roald Dahl's The Twits. I had a POP UPChitty Chitty Bang Bang that I loved.
Do you have any tips for kids who would like to become authors when they grow up?
Well, the first thing is — write about something you're really interested in. Think about how you're going to start your story, what happens in the middle and how you're going to end it. Then the main thing is KEEP WRITING until you get to the end.  I like to read my stories out loud, as it helps me to spot any bits that aren't working very well.  Lastly, read as much as you can and don't give up!
Thank you very much, Liz!
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Which books did Liz mention as being her favorites when she was growing up?
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Happy World Book Day, monkeys! Leave us a comment and let us know if you've read Liz's Tom Gates books!

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