Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Calling all Viewers.

Heyo Guys!!

Its Ediesonz3, In his final post for now.
I am going to answer your questions. So please don't ask anymore :P

  1. Will MiniMonos Blast close?
  • Nope, We will keep it as a gift from MiniMonos and to remember fun times we had ;D
     2. How can we keep in contact; by contact I mean only Ediesonz3.
  • I play tons of Virtual Worlds out there. I've been playing since 2009? I play
  • MoshiMonster- Ediesonz
  • (French) Mathi123
  • (USA) DonnieC
  • (United Kingdom) Personal ;P
  • (Assuie) Personal ;P
  • Jacks Journey- Ediesonz (Play with us! You will have a chance to be a writter in my new blog.)
  • Club Penguin- Ediesonz, Weirdo, Ediesonz3 (I forgot all password and I think its boring :P SORRY to all Penguins)
  • Turtle World- (Ediesonz)
  • Twitter- @Ediesonz3mm @Mr_Edweirdo
I am not weird. I just have fun. And in that 5 years I made over 30,000 friends  all over the world o.O... (10,000 haters for my weirdoness buut they are so specail to me,!) so that = to 40,000 O_______O

     3. How about Socail Media? Including Blog, Twitter, Youtube, and Keek will they be gone?

  • Nope. Blog will be keepen. Twitter will be change to JacksJourney, my Youtube will be also JacksJOurney and keek will just stay personal to me.
     OMG It 1:00 am and I cant sleeep :P SOrry for bad grammer.

Final Message 

Woah, 6 Months has past from MiniMonos from Dec. 4 till today. I have meet so many new friends that are hard to explain how thankful I am meeting you all. I was truly devastated once I found out MM will be gone and I thought you'll be gone too! I just like to say thank you to all support. Dynamo, ALvinChimpunk, Tj, Jj, CUp, Techobanana, CHimp, tommypp, Tipski (Mah Good Old Papa Tippy), Bubble, Jassy (Mah Granny Jammy), You were the first monkeys I met on the island; Without you I would quited cause I was lost. Not to mention maaaah Chubby Bunny >DAVIDP81< FOr being the bessssssst Monkey friend. Thanks for everything! From giftss to memberships to laughter to spamming your parties witch made it funny for me cause you were angry. Also who could forget mah Honne Bunny >SPYHOPPER< Thanks for helping me every single day; I highly doubt your reading this but please go to MM and lets spend our last final monkey days together. Big shout out for Tommypp! He has been the best monkey #BFF in MM. I cant thank you so much. Mr. Kap. An amazing Ambassador. You were my first Ambassador and your I atttended my first PUP with you and still have the "Go Halloween" ;D Also Manx, Thank you for helping me throught this amazing Virtual WOrld. Helping me out of trouble and keeping me safe! Orrby. You have inspired me to keep drawing and to monkey around :D. Alpha Thanks for the amazing gift. I got the chance to play MiniMOnos 2x.

Thank you all to blast members. You have outdone yourself!
ColaX, Thanks for helping me out with this blog alot, Sorry for not helping you around Busy with School. You have been the best admin in my words.
Monku, Thanks for being there to help back up our blog and the greatest co-host and an awesome ADMIN
Spyhopper, Thanks for being an amazing editor helping me with alot of my grammer
Dynamo, Thanks for trying to become one amazing writter.
Chewer, Thanks so verrrry much for helping us. You made our Sunday's a funday
Yeknom, Thanks so much for everything. Even tho Your pics wasnt finished it made LOL so loud I cause and earthquake and peed on my pants (Not really)
MonkeyTastic- Thanks for helping out with the parties ever though your parents caught you
Joel- Our newst writter, Thank you for helping us little by little. ;D

Wow, and especially to all viewers out there; Big thank you for the 17,000+ VIEWS 

I must say sorry for this news/post is boring and the fact I have spelling errors and bad grammer. My brain and fingers is exhausted I must sleep 1:35am now. Good Night, Good Morning, Good Afternoon.

Final Farewell. Bye Monkeys,
Monkeying Around,

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