Monday, May 13, 2013

Last words from Monku20

Hey monkeys! It is a very great sadness that MiniMonos is now closed so here are my last words for you. I had a great fun joining MiniMonos. I played MiniMonos for 331 days which is a very long period of time. And moreover I would like to thank my friends who helped me a lot when i was new and my new friends also helped me. Here are my friends:

  • Rabage: He became my friend when i was just new on MM and helped me a lot! Thanx my friend.
  • Electro: I met him because of rabage as he was his friend and that day he became my best friend and we enjoyed a lot meeting and hanging out on MM.
  • Superfunmonkey: I enjoyed a lot by playing Adoptation Centre as i became a monkey and someone could adopt me :P
  • Strenksperes7: He also helped me a lot and he also opened an Adoptation Centre.
  • Ediesonz3: I met him on Castle Beach and he requested me to see his blog which was not much popular at that time and then i joined that blog and eddy helped me a lot on MM.
  • Spyhopper: He was a good spy :P but also a good friend as i met him on first day he was not a member of MM Blast but then it joined this blog and i was proud that i was already his friend :P
  • ColaX: I was always willing to eet this monkey as i saw that he was the second monkey who joined this blog and finally met him and afterwards he helped me a lot and always gives a good idea for this blog.
  • Tinalouise: She was a great friend and i enjoyed a lot playing with her on MM and she was very helpful and also she taught me all the glitches on MM!
  • Lillybubb: She was a great friend and helped me a lot and there was a secret also which i would like to share wth you all that she gave me a 3 day membership for free as i never became a member and coudnt be one. I am proud of this friend.
  • Creeper405: He was a great friend and enjoyed a lot with him. He was very funny i must say :P
  • Joel and his two brothers Furnace and Peter: These brothers were awesome and i want to give them a name which would be 3MB ( three man band). :P
  • Love7891: I met this monkey on a PUP of BT and i offered him to be the author of MM travel                   ( another blog of mine) And he was very helpful in that blog.
  • Matchattaxharry: When i first met him i thought that why he kept his name like that and then i realized that he likes match attax cards collection so i finally asked him about those cards :P
  • Yeknom10 and his brother Chewer24: They were very good friends of mine and i later on got to know that they were brothers and i must say them also that they are very funny :P
  • Monkeytastic26 (asdf17): She was my greay friend and always gave me a good idea to be posted on my blog minimonos travel and also there is a secret that she shared her password with me but then she banned and then i was just trying some passwords on her second monkey which is monkeytastic26 and i broke her pass but i honestly told her about that :P
  • Davidp81: He was my great friend and also shared with me that he joined MM only because of Skoodle and he was having a cloud on his tree which is only seen by him and he got a top cap and many other things by just clicking on that cloud.
  • Tommypp: I always wanted to meet him and i finally met him and he was a great friend and i had a photo session with him at last day :P
  • Lokiterry: He was my good friend but we hanged out very little.
  • Technobanana: This monkey was also my great friend but he also came very little on 
    MM and i was not able to meet him very much.
  • c8c8c8c8: He was my best friend and was having a funny name on minimonos as you can see his name and also we called him c8. :P
If I forgot any of my friend or you want me to describe you please contact to my email which is Sorry if i forgot you but there were 1000 friends and obviously i cant remember so many names.
Special Thanx to EcoMom and i would like to share a thing that she was the first ambassador i ever met when i was i think 20 or 30 days old and also i cant forget that she gave me 10 shells that day. I was so new that i not even know that there is a personal blog of MM which is go bananas blog and i never got to know till i was 100 days old that ecomom left MM. I was very sad hearing that and i would like to thank the ambassadors whom i met which are Bananatastic, Viper, Kaputchin and Alphamonkey. I met only these ambassadors and also I met Littlestone but when she was 0 days old and she was not an ambassador. And also thanx to other ambasasdors also for making this game a very popular and enjoyable and never forgiving game.

You all will be thinking that we will not be able to meet again but its not true. I play a lots of virtual games. Here they are:

Club Penguin: Pinguboy21
Ekoloko: Rajveer
Goodgame Empire: Purpleblood ( this game is not a virtual world but is a stratigic game and we can chat with others with this game)
Tinkatolli: Monku20
Lollo: Chunk ( it is not available yet but will be in june or july and also this game is made by davidp81 and tommypp)
Moshi Monsters: Purplefur20

Thanx and i think that minimonos will be back soon.

~Monku20 (14th june 2012 - 12th May 2013)

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  1. Furnace is not my brother Monku but Peter is, can someone fix this?